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   Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in the Midwest was, for me, a time of great values and beauty in our American life. My mother had a great sense of style. My father was an environmentalist and entrepreneur. Both had a strong work ethic, believing that anything was possible. From an early age I was instilled with a deep sense of the importance of sustainability. I worked in my father’s tree nursery, alongside my siblings. My personal life embraces a raw/whole food diet and a love of nature.

   My family’s lifestyle guided me to take on my creative talents and in 1983 open my own business, Magnolia Lane Soft Home Furnishings. I discovered that I could transform homes and businesses into beautiful environments. In the beginning I single-handedly measured, estimated, cut and sewed, and installed every project. This has evolved to my current workroom and staff of fine project managers and seamstresses.

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